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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along the muscles to encourage the body to heal itself. These light movements performed with the thumbs and fingers, combined with rest periods, can stimulate myofascial release and a reduction in tension overall. Bowen Therapy is a very gentle therapy that can have profound effects - it helps with nervous system dysregulation by helping the nervous system shift into 'rest and repair' mode so that our body's innate healing capacity is restored.


During our busy everyday lives we are subjected to a multitude of stresses that can be overwhelming to our nervous system.  By triggering the body at certain points, we can help calm the nervous system and boost the body's ability to manage this stress. Bowen therapy is one of the best therapies for treating physical injuries, as well as one of the best to encourage overall relaxation and relief of muscle tension. Because bowen therapy helps the entire body function more efficiently, it can help with various conditions - including anxiety and mood swings, sore or overused muscles, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, hormonal regulation, improving alignment and more.  It strengthens the immune system and can aid in encouraging or prolonging general good health and vitality.  Bowen is a very gentle therapy that can contribute to a feeling of physical and emotional well-being.

If  you are new to Bowen Therapy, I highly recommend booking the Introductory Series to start. The Intro Series is one session per week for 3 consecutive weeks, and one should avoid doing other bodywork or strenuous activities in between sessions. After a session, Bowen Therapy continues to affect the body for 5-7 days, so you may see shifts throughout the week as the body processes and adjusts itself. Doing the traditional three sessions is also a great way to see the cumulative effects of the Bowen Therapy and ensure that we are seeing some progress in addressing the presenting issue. Text or call to arrange the series, or when booking online book three Bowen sessions 5-7 days apart. Bowen therapy can be done skin-on-skin or through light cotton clothing.


Distance Bowen Therapy sessions are also available. With distance Bowen Therapy you can experience the effects of Bowen Therapy from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to be. If you schedule a distance session as a new client, we will connect by phone or video prior to the first session to do an intake. You will also be able to schedule an appointment time so that you may rest during the session if you would like - although it's not necessary. Contact Grounded Soul Therapies with any questions.

1 Session                     $90

3 Session Series          $255

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