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Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique

Throughout our lives we are constantly confronted with stresses and challenges, some of which can change our belief patterns and actions.  Metamorphic technique is a unique transformative therapy that can help remove blockages to clear old thought patterns, thereby helping us realize our fullest potential.  It is a way to return our souls to the state of our birth.  Metamorphic Technique clears unhelpful patterns acquired during our most formative period - the prenatal period.  These patterns can show themselves in various ways - physical and mental illness, emotional problems, or limiting attitudes or repetitive patterns of behavior that are no longer serving us.

Metamorphic Technique, as the name implies, is a powerful tool for those going through transformations in their lives.  It can provide clarity to a situation or help those that feel "stuck" in some aspect of their life. Metamorphic  Metamorphic Technique strips away the layers to get to the essence.  Whether you are going through a major life change or just want to feel more centered and true to yourself, metamorphic technique may be a great therapy for you.

The therapy itself is done using a light touch along the spinal reflexes (instep) of the foot, as well as along the thumb and scalp.  Some may fall deeply asleep while others wish to remain alert, but most people find metamorphic technique a relaxing and pleasant experience.  You may be surprised by what a profound effect this therapy has on your life.

60 Minutes                 $90


Reiki is a subtle energy therapy that facilitates healing and relaxation.  The therapist uses spiritually guided energy to stimulate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Since Reiki is an energetic therapy, it can impact any illness or malady, or just contribute to overall good health and well-being.  The therapy will assist with clearing blocked energy channels in the body and balancing the chakra system.

Reiki is performed on a massage table, generally on a clothed receiver.  Most people find Reiki relaxing and leave a session feeling more balanced and calmer.  Some people experience physical sensations or feel warmth flowing through them.  There may be some emotional release.  For others, the change may be more subtle - effects may take days after the session to manifest.  Reiki can also be combined with massage and reflexology.

30 Minutes     $55

60 Minutes     $90

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