Massage Therapy

Nikki uses an integrative approach to massage therapy and is passionate about her work.  With training in Swedish, Neuromuscular (deep tissue), Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Indian Head Massage Nikki is able to easily adapt her techniques to an individual's needs.  Her style is deeply relaxing, with focus work as needed to address pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy can be extremely helpful in soothing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, as well as improving circulation and flexibility, reducing water retention, and helping with overall relaxation which can improve sleep.  Sidelying and recline positions are used with plenty of cushioning to take pressure off the belly and hips, so you will feel supported and comfortable as you enjoy your massage. 

Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Work and Hot Stone Massage are contraindicated during pregnancy.  It is advisable to wait until after the first trimester to start receiving prenatal massage unless you have a doctor's permission.

Himalayan Hot Stone


Heated salt stones are used in this massage.  Himalayan Salt Stone Massage increases circulation, improves sleep and induces deep relaxation.  The salt is naturally detoxifying and the trace minerals in the stones will nourish and soften the skin.  The heat will enhance your relaxation and soften the muscles to allow for deeper and more effective work.

Massage Therapy


30 Minutes               $40

60 Minutes               $80

90 Minutes               $115

120 Minutes             $150

Infant Massage Classes and Private Instruction

Nikki is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMT) through Liddle Kidz Foundation and offers private instruction in the privacy of your own home or classes.  The benefits of infant massage are numerous and have effects that will last a lifetime.  To find out more about Infant Massage and upcoming classes, visit